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How to keep the spark in your relationship

TRY OUT NEW THINGS TOGETHER:  It could be wine tasting, a high school sports team you follow closely or reading the same book and discussing it. Do something together that enhances your knowledge of a subject and of each other.

WORKOUT TOGETHER:  Walk, run, or sit ups. Be a support partner for each other and acknowledge any small gains made for getting healthier and sexier. Consider showering together.

Touch each other 10 times a day. It could be anything from a kiss to a pinch, but the understanding is that this is not going to lead directly to sex. It’s just a way of physically connecting with one another.

DO LITTLE THINGS TOGETHER: Plan, prepare and cook a meal together. You’d be surprised at the sensual punch cooking a meal together can have. And, of course, you get to enjoy it with each other.

SCHEDULE A SEX DATE:  Planning for sex builds up excitement, expectation and desire that is normally just isn’t there when you crawl into bed at 11 p.m.  Set a moratorium on all sex for several weeks or even a month. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue touching one another and talking about sex. The sheer act of prohibiting something makes it all the more enticing. Be realistic about the time sex takes to accomplish. We all have busy lives and likely are exhausted by days’ end. But, don’t let the sex act take on unrealistic proportions. After all, it probably takes only about 10 minutes from start to finish for most people.

KNOW EACH OTHER’S LOVE LANGUAGE: Study your partner and learn what excites them; it could be gifts, good food, love notes, showing them care or taking them out. Do something to make them fall in love over again

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