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Jim Ovia’s Dynamism

ISSAC, Oguntoye

Corporate guru, Jim Ovia’s vigorous activity and progress in the banking sector has emerged winner of the September edition of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Month Award.

His entrepreneur skill no doubt earned him recognition with the Badge of Honour for outstanding entrepreneurs.

The editorial board of make it said it unanimously chose Ovia for his advocacy and support of Nigerian youths and the development of ICT entrepreneurship in the country.

But beyond banking, Jim Ovia is also one of Africa’s leading advocates for youth entrepreneurship and empowerment, through Information and Communication Technology
He is also the founder of the Jim Ovia Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to empowering youths and  ICT entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

An astute investor and a doyen of technology, Jim Ovia is one business mogul whose passion  for innovation and youth inclusion in sustainable development has distinguished him amongst contemporary entrepreneurs.

Jim’s corporate goals, are aims at inspiring more Nigerians to embrace entrepreneurship as the surest path to a brighter future, by regularly celebrating in a spectacular way entrepreneurs who have broken great barriers to excel.
Mr. Ovia perfectly fits this narrative. He started as a bank clerk and rose, due to his vision, passion and hardwork, to become one of the most respected bank chiefs in Nigeria today.

“When we started Zenith in 1990, it was extremely difficult as the necessary resources and infrastructure to do business, particularly banking, were not in place. There were no ATMs, no mobile phones and ICT was a rarely known concept in the business space”, Jim Ovia said.

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