Jail sentence of racists’ who buried black colleagues elicits mixed reactions


Against all odds, two white South Africans who dehumanized their black employees by ordering them to sleep in coffins, have been jailed by the country’s court.

Two white South African farmers involved in the infamous coffin assault case were handed a total of 25 years in jail by a court.

According to agency report, the imprisonment of Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen, both 28, has elicited wide reactions on South Africa.

While some have lauded the judgment, many other mocked the convicts and described their sentences as lesson to many others.

The two farmers were found guilty of kidnap, assault and attempted murder in late August but judgment was handed down today. The judge also threw out an appeal attempt by the legal team of the convicts.

Oosthuizen was handed 11 years for his role as an accessory to the crime whiles Jackson bagged 14 years as the main culprit. Leading the twitter reactions was minister for Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa.

Africanews in a report said ,their guilty charge related to forcing a powerless black man, Victor Mlotshwa, into a coffin and threatening to burn him alive.

A 20-second recording of their action went viral on social media. The resultant nationwide outrage led to the arrest of the farmers in November 2016.

The two said they had caught the victim trespassing on their farm in possession of stolen copper cables.

People as usual gathered outside the court carrying placards which slammed racism and racist sentiments.

Min. Nathi Mthethwa @NathiMthethwaSA reaction on twitter said “We welcome the sentences handed down on the #CoffinAssault culprits who were respectively sentenced to 11 & 14 years direct imprisonment”

Also, Issa #MadBlackWoman @fleekiswa, in a reaction on twitter said “Two down, many more to go! #coffinassault” while African Child? @bipzz #CoffinAssault lauded the judge “Thank you judge ,We are not satisfied but 11 years and 14years will be fine for those racists”

Other reactions came from Samkelo Ndlovu @SamkeloNdlovu “11 and 14 years for each of the accused. So happy. ?their families are distraught.

They must learn”. M’fuck’ iseni Dlozi @Retired said “-Judge Judge Mphahlele tells racists to forget it about the appeal. This Judge does not smoke nyaope & I love her. #CoffinAssault”

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