Jacinda Ardern wins New Zealand election for second term

Jacinda Ardern wins New Zealand election for second term

Jacinda Ardern wins New Zealand election for second term

Jacinda Ardern has won a second term as New Zealand’s prime minister in a landslide victory.

The Labour Party leader went up against Judith Collins of the National Party in the battle to form the country’s 53rd parliament.

Ms Collins conceded defeat this morning, as the Labour Party looked set to secure more than 60 seats in parliament and govern alone.

Addressing a roaring crowd of supporters, Ardern said: ‘Thank you to the people who worked so hard to share our message. Who volunteered in what felt like an endless campaign.

But most importantly thank you to the many people who gave us their vote, who trusted us to continue with leading New Zealand’s recovery.’ The election cycle was largely dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, with Ms Ardern’s handling of the crisis placing her ahead in polls.

The politician thanked those who hadn’t voted for her prior to this election in her speech today, promising a Government that would look after every person.

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She said: ‘We will not take your support for granted. And I can promise you we will be a party that governs for every New Zealander.’

Earlier in the day, Ms Ardern brought homemade cheese scones to campaign volunteers in Auckland.

Her government has largely focused on matters such as the New Zealand housing crisis, child poverty and social inequality since her election in 2017.

Daily Times reports that the 2020 election was originally due to be held on September 19 but was delayed due to the re-emergence of Covid-19 in the community.

The country is now believed to have the virus under control, with no community spread and no social distancing required.

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