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Ivorian Mayor of Cocody, lauds Akinboboye’s Lacampagne Tropicana Initiative

By: Mutiat Alli

The Mayor of Cocody, Cote D’Ivoire, Mayor, N’ Goan Aka Kacou having breakfast with the Nigerian and Ivorian technical crew of the movie JE’TAIME in Abidjan.

The concept of Motherland Beckons which is the conscious stoking and arousing of the sub conscious reality of the Africans in the Diaspora to the reality of their essence as living creatures with identifiable identity and being propelled by Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye has been described as the best of self discovery concept initiated in recent time.

The Mayor of Cocody, Cote D’Ivoire, Mayor, N’ Goan Aka Kacou, made this observation in Abidjan recently while receiving in his office 150 Anglophone and Francophone talents choreographed by the Atunda Entertainment band.

Mayor Aka Kacou pointed out “the significance of Motherlands Beckons could be impactful not only in calling the Diaspora to come back to their roots but in also stoking the embers of creativity in those at home at making sure they make adequate preparation for those coming home to roost”.

He described the imitator of Motherland Beckons, Ambassador Akinboboye as ‘A wonderful gift and inestimable asset to Nigeria as a country, a regional  bridge – builder to West Africa as a sub–region and  a divine cultural protector of Africa as a continent”.

The Mayor pointed out that if not for the Motherland Beckons initiative there might not be an Atunda Entertainment outfit which ‘I see as an offshoot of Motherland Beckons and a lubricator and exhibitor of the cultural value of the chord which binds Africans together–dancing, singing, creativity and celebration.

He noted that Motherland Beckons through Atunda Entertainment “has tingled the timidity and torpedo the culturally inactiveness which had taken over and created gap of disharmony between the Anglophone and Francophone. This sequential acts  of Motherland Beckons has set in motion series of developmental strides and action on the platform of creativity in West–Africa”.

Mayor Kacou said “I am impressed, overwhelmed and happy when I see the young boys and ladies over 150 of them all from West–Africa displaying their creative innate blessings which would have died in them or probably half showcased if not for the creative ingenuity of Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye”.

Ambassador Akinboboye commended the Mayor for his ability to see a brighter vision of greater possibilities in the Anglophone-Francophone Cultural–tourism engagement which he said ‘is the catalyst for the economic re-engineering of the West African regional economy and the emancipation of its citizens from the concrete jungle of cultural slavery.

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