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Istanbul New Year’s Eve terror attack victim predicted own death

Rita Chami, a student who died in the arms of her fiancé in the Istanbul New Year’s Eve terror attack predicted her own death in a chilling Facebook post days earlier.

Chami wrote on her facebook page, of fears she could “die in a blast” before flying to Turkey with Elias Wardini, who was also killed after a gunman stormed a nightclub packed with revelers.

According to agency report, Rita Chami, the terrorist, armed with an AK-47, killed 39 people when he opened fire at the upmarket Reina nightspot on the banks of the Bosphorus.

Rita and her boyfriend Elias, both 26-year-old students at American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon, had posted cheerful pictures from their travels on social media in the days before they died.

Rita, who lost her mother to cancer four months ago, is also reported to have written an eerie post on Facebook in which she predicted the couple could die in a terror attack.

According to, she said: “Hopefully we will have fun [in Turkey], worst case scenario is that I will die in a blast and follow my mum.”

Friends said Rita died in her fiancé’s arms after they were gunned down in the nightclub at about 1.30am local time.

Refuting reports Elias had died in the Bosphorus waterway after fleeing the attack, Jason Orfali wrote online: “Elias Wardini did not run away from the shooting (he was unfortunate not to escape).

“Elias Wardini stayed behind because his fiance was shot twice he went back to help her and was shot 3 times and died in her arms, he loved her to the extent that he stayed behind to help her and it cost him his life.

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