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Irritating boast of a party chairman

Since it lost the 2015 general election, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) appears set on the path to self-destruction with top officials openly castigating other members while absolving themselves of blames about the party’s loss.
Rather than seek peace, some of these high ranking officials are busy stoking crises in the party through unguarded statements.
One of such statements that can best be described as irritating was made by no less a person than the PDP national chairman, Adamu Mu’azu, on Sunday, wherein he boasted that the PDP will be buried if he resigns.
Apparently daring party members calling for his head, having led the party to its worst electoral defeat since 1999, Mu’azu, who spoke through his Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Tony Amadi, insisted that that he would not resign despite the threat of some members to form a faction of the party and boasted that the party would be buried if he succumbed to calls that he resign.
Such boast coming from Mu’azu, who in saner climes would have since thrown in the towel as party chair, is not only irritating but also arrogance taken too far. It is uncalled for. Mu’azu cannot as leader of the party make statements that instead of healing the wounds inflicted on the party by the crushing defeat it suffered in the last elections, exacerbate it.
What gives Mu’azu the impression that the PDP will die if he quits his position? Is he the first to be the PDP national chairman? Fact is that Mu’azu is not the first national chairman of PDP and he won’t be the last. If others before him left office, his cannot be different. In fact, it is a virtue for a leader to know when to quit and not to allow his continued stay in office tear his organisation apart.
So, those who are close to the PDP national chairman should remind him that he does not have the luxury to talk down on members from his ‘Olympian heights,’ and that such display of arrogance is the least PDP requires now.

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