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We got the opportunity to meet with the Creative director of Effeci.

Effeci is a clothing brand, that is geared towards providing tailoring solutions for men.


Q) What is Effeci?(When was it founded? Who do you design clothing for?).

A) Effeci as the name connotes is a slang word for style and all the the paraphernalia attached with it. Effeci is a fashion label that started out in year 2000, with the aim to solve all the style distress of men irrespective of their age,social status and back ground


Q) Are you ever going to expand into women’s fashion or non-traditional clothing?

A) Effeci in the past catered for women but we have found where our strength lies and we are trying to cater for that market which is essentially MENs tailoring, with the traditional tailoring techniques.


Q) What is your favourite part about being creative director of Effeci?

A) My favourite part of being creative director is the entire process from meeting a potential, convincing them to wear EFFECI the fabric selection and the garment making and ultimately see them wear it priceless!


Q) Who are the fashion designers and styles that inspired you growing up? Has this changed over time?

A) Growing up I wore loads of clothes having been born to very stylish parents, I would say loads of designers inspired me and more inspire me daily young and old alike there is always something to learn and add to your own brand ethos


Q) What style tips would you recommend, for men trying to step their traditional style game up?

A) Shoes, accessories are it for me they complete the outfit. If you are tailored well like we do at EFFECI the only thing left is you get a healthy collection of great shoes and this can’t be done overnight it has to be a process of collecting over time different brands


Q) What celebrities would you love to get in an Effeci design?

A) If really “clothes maketh the man” then everyone who wears effeci is a celebrity by all standards however if we are to look at the people I will like to get into effeci I would particularly like to see Barrack Obama,Usain Bolt and Senator Dino Melaye in EFFECI.


Q) Where do you see Effeci 5 years from now?

A) In 5years effeci should operate from a 2000 square meter shop floor and production floor with at least 3 exclusive boutiques in 3 cities of the world we will the preaching the epistle of the “African Suit”

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