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Only internal democracy can stop APC from disintegration – Aspirant

An Aspirant to the House of Representatives under the platform of All Progressives Congress, Prince Ayodeji Omonuade Adesina, has said that the total compliance to the principles of internal democracy by APC leaders is the only way that can make the Party excel at the forth coming general elections.

Adesina said these while fielding questions from Journalists during a get together meeting with APC faithful from all the fifteen wards in Abeokuta Federal constituency.

He said the adoption of internal democracy will see to the emergence of credible and popular candidates which will transcend to making the Party strong and thereby result into electoral victories at the polls.

He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for believing in internal democracy through his recent statement that opposed tenure elongation saying “it was a right step in the right direction, the idea of tenure elongation is not just only unconstitutional, it is wrong.

“We need to practice internal democracy whereby we don’t just bring people from the back and put them in the front”.

“We need to campaign, let our ideas and plans be known to our voters, as I believe politics is about numbers, the most popular candidates should emerge, that’s what internal democracy is all about”.

“History proves that any party that deviates from that practice do not stand the test of time”

Adesina warned those who see politics as a do or die affairs to change their philosophy saying, “politics is all about interests, if you are voted for and you win, congratulation but if you lose, go back and make corrections of your programs and try again next time”

The House of Representatives hopeful from Abeokuta Federal Constituency who was optimistic that he remained the best for the job averred: “I see no reason why I would not be the flag bearer for the party unless they want to go by some other kind of criteria that will not be beneficial to anyone in the party including myself and the whole party in entirety”

Speaking on the advantage of allowing youths to run for any elective positions, Adesina said “The not too young to rule bill is one of the best bills in recent times, it’s not a bill contrary to what people think maybe to drive certain people out of business, it’s just a bill to create a level playing field so that youths have a sense of responsibility so they will not think that their age is a natural deterrent to vie for public office”

“We are not only leaders of tomorrow but also leaders of today. We have youths today that can do better than what our elders are doing today because we have the advantage of seeing them do it before, those that works and those that did not work”.

“Obviously your natural instincts tell you that you continue on the part that work and modify the side that does not work”.

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