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Interlinked technologies’ Q2 revenue drops by 4 per cent

….sustains loss position by 14%

The result showed that revenue dropped d by 4 per cent to N44,942 million from N46,906 recorded in the same period of 2016. Gross profit declined by 8 per cent, from N18, 485 million posted in 2016, o N17,035 in the second quarter 2017 ended December 31.

According to the result, Interlinked technologies recorded profit before tax cline by 4 per cent closing the period at N2,724, which was against N2,846m posted in 2016 q2. Los for the period close at -4 per cent with N2, 724, from N2, 846 in 2016.

Interlinked technologies was founded in 1981 as Raychem Nigeria Limited but now known today as Interlinked Technologies Plc.

The company was established originally as an engineering organization specializing in sales and services of Raychem joints and termination accessories.

However, the firm has diversified operations and activities to include complete Electrical Engineering solutions involving sales and services of several electrical products from our original Raychem accessories to transformers, cables and cable accessories and umbilicals.

Its products and services cover Power, Oil & Gas and Telecommunications. Our technical partners include Tycoelectornics and Prysmian cables.







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