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Informal sector nominal GDP hits 41.8% in 2015 -NBS

Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has estimated informal sector contributions to nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at 41.8percent in 2015.

Data obtained by our correspondent from the official website of NBS, demonstrated that Informal sector accounted for 92percent of crop production GDP; 89percent of livestock; 72 percent of forestry, and 87 percent of fishery.

It also accounted for 0 percent of crude petroleum & gas, as well as 52 percent of coal mining GDP, 76 percent of metal ores, 19 percent of quarrying and other minerals, with 0percent of oil refining.

Similarly, the sector contributed 0 percent of cement GDP, 4 percent of food and beverage, 27 percent of textiles, apparel and footwear, and 46 percent of wood & wood products. Informal sector accounted for 14 percent of pulp paper and paper products, 10 percent of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, 1percent of non-metallic products.

According to NBS, informal sector accounted for 0.0 of plastic and rubber products, 0 percent of electrical and electronics, 32 of percent basic metal, iron& steel. Informal sector accounted for 0 percent of motor vehicles and assembly GDP, 37 percent of other manufacturing, 0 percent of electricity, gas and water supply.




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