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Indonesian court rejects final appeal to save Nigerians, others


An Indonesian court has dismissed a legal challenge by a 42-year-old Nigerian, Raheem Agba­je-Salami, who is on a death row for drug peddling.

Indonesian President, Joko Wido­do, has rejected clemency represen­tations from Nigerian authorities.

Judge Hendro Puspito of the Ad­ministrative Court in East Jakarta said on Monday that the court had no jurisdiction over presidential de­cisions.

Agbaje-Salami, alias Jamiu Owolabi Abashin from the south­ern Spanish city of Cordova, was arrested in 1998 for smuggling 5.3 kg of heroin into Surabaya, the capital of East Java province.

He was taken on Wednesday from a prison in East Java to a prison is­land off the southern coast of Java where he was due to be executed lat­er this month with up to nine other death-row inmates.

Salami, along with nine other drug traffickers from Australia, French, Brazil, Ghana and Indo­nesia, are expected to be executed soon in Nusakambangan island of Central Java.

President Widodo remained tough on the death penalty amid intensive efforts for clemency from Australia, French and Brazil.

Two other Nigerian drug traf­fickers are also scheduled to be executed this month after requests for presidential clemency were re­jected.

Meanwhile, the Federal Govern­ment on Monday, again summoned the Indonesian Ambassador, Harry Purwato, over the country’s planned execution of more Nigerians by fir­ing squad for drug-related offences.

Permanent Secretary in the Min­istry of Foreign Affairs, Danjuma Sheni, said at a meeting with the envoy in Abuja that the death sen­tences should be converted to life imprisonment.

He told the envoy to speak with his home government to tamper justice with mercy in order not to allow anything to jeopardise the “very robust and excellent relationship“between Indonesia and Nigeria.

“We, in this context, are very aware of the consequences of drug trafficking in your country, but we still want to put it on record and we still want to appeal to you and to your President to tamper justice with mercy.

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