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Indonesia Executions: Brazilian Not Aware of Execution

A Brazilian who was among the foreigners executed in Indonesia on Wednesday for drug smuggling did not know that he was going to die, BBC reports.

Father Charlie Burrows has said that Rodrigo Gularte was hearing voices and did not understand that he was to be shot by firing squad until the end.

Gularte had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Father Charlie Burrows said he had tried to prepare Gularte for his execution but that the Brazilian had not realised what was happening to him until his final moments.

“I had time to get him ready because he had to be put in chains, because he doesn’t like being touched,” he told ABC News Australia.

“He started to get the message, and when the chains started going on he said to me, ‘Oh no, oh Father, am I being executed?'”

Father Burrows said that Gularte had been hearing voices in his final days that had promised him that everything would be fine.

One of Gularte’s last requests was that he be buried in Brazil so that “if he was resuscitated” he would be close to his family, a Brazilian diplomat who met him told the BBC.

The diplomat said that this was further evidence of Gularte’s poor mental health.

A cousin who visited him regularly in prison said that Gularte was delusional.

She said his favourite topics were “his past lives in Egypt and other surreal stories that never happened”.

Gularte claimed that the water and food at the prison were contaminated and was constantly seen talking to walls and ghosts, the cousin said.

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