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Pansy Liu is chairman of the Investment Association of China Overseas Investment Union (IACOIU). The widely-travelled Liu is confident that Nigeria is a good economy to invest. This confidence is based on assurance by the Embassy of China in Nigeria and the bilateral chamber of commerce. President Buhari’s visit to China has bolstered her belief that Nigeria is worthwhile of investment.

Both the Chinese and Nigerians love quality products which members of her group will deliver with their investment. She is hopeful that that the Chinese businesses investing through her group will train Nigerians and transfer technology with time to their partners in the country.


Zhao jin Huang is Executive Chairman of IACOIU. He has been to 20 countries on the continent promoting Sino-Africa relations for decades. Zhao accompanied President Xi Ji Ping’s visit to Africa earlier this year, and was part of his countries team that hosted President Buhari on his visit to China in April. He had discussions with six of the state governors who accompanied Buhari to China, and remembers vividly his meeting with Gorver Rochas Okorocha of Imo State then.

Zhao is interested in investing in the wind, solar and hydro power. He is also interested in putting money in health establishments and talks confidently of investing about $300 million in 27 standard hospitals across the country, with each employing at least 100 staff.


Yuans ong Feng is Vice President of the group and Managing Director of Taizhou Far East Paper Company, manufacturers of sanitary napkins for the young and adult. His company has been exporting here, but he now wants to invest in Nigeria to eliminate freight and distribution costs. This strategy, he says, will make his products cheaper for Nigerians. For this, he is willing to invest $20 million to open a factory that will employ at least 300 Nigerians.


Zhang Jiantao is Chairman of the Board of Zhengzhou East Drilling Additive Co. The company produces chemical products for the upstream hydrocarbons industry. He has been in the business for the past two decades. The powerful-looking Zhang says he came to investigate the Nigerian market and would want to invite Nigerian oil companies for discussions.


Guo Ze Lin is General Manager of New Energy Co, Shenzhen in China’s Guangdong Province. The company is  a biotech firm with interest in energy management. His firm provides energy for equipment which power breweries and laundries, among others. Part from his interest in exporting to Nigeria, he wants to invest here.

He has another company that provides zinc plating for light poles, fences, pipe makers and oil companies, among others. He would not name specific amount of investment, but says it could involve millions of dollars depending on the size of the factory, adding that a mid-size factory could employ hundreds of Nigerians.


Datuk Ser Yew Kien Cheong is a medical doctor and medical research scientist who is Director/Founder of six firms engaged in medical research and its application. He is interested in establishing medical service facility that would reduce health care cost for individuals and the government.

The serial entrepreneur hopes to bring in technology such as BGS and mRNA  to help in early detection and management of cancers. He also hopes to bring in stem cell therapy useful for anti-aging, wellness, and the prevention of cancer cells.

“This is my motive for coming here,” he says. “African countries are behind technologically. All these technologies have been around for years, and our concept is to rejuvenate life here.”

According to him, the investment would amount to $10 million for the equipment alone, which would generate employment for 10 top medical scientists and as many marketing people as possible in Nigeria.




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