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I’m financially okay as farmer, sacked SGF, Lawal

Sacked former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Engr. Babachir Lawal, has declared that he is financially healthy and in all ramifications better off now as a farmer than when he was in office.

He also said that his removal from office has given him opportunity to know that those he was paying their children’s school fees and others he helped were actually planning for his downfall.

Recall that Babachir Lawal was sacked following an alleged grass cutting contract scandal in an Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in the North East that he was involved in 2017.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja at the All Progressives Congress (APC) Secretariat on Monday, Lawal said as SGF, he was earning N930,000 monthly but after his sacked and return to reactivate his farm, he now have 4,000 hectares of land under cultivation, adding that he has earned close to half a billion Naira from the farm proceeds.

When asked how life has been after he was sacked as the SGF, Lawal said: “Let me shock you; before I came into government, I have been in business.

I was a very successful businessman. I am a world-renowned Information Technology (IT) Consultant and I have a very large farm, spanning over 1,000 hectares, which I abandoned to join governance. I was earning N930, 000 monthly as the SGF.

“Now that I have returned to my farm and reactivated it after my sack, I now have 4,000 hectares under cultivation. Last year, I earned close to half a billion Naira from my farm proceeds.

I have a cattle ranch that I am developing gradually and I am back to IT Consultancy. Life is now good. Everybody who sees me compliments me by announcing that I am looking good and healthy now.

“I don’t expect every Nigerian to empathize with me; People often forget that I am a Pastor. There are things that happened to me that if I did not come into government I wouldn’t have known.

For instance, there were people that I had helped that are determined to see that I don’t see the light of the day. If I had not raked up that position I wouldn’t have known that.

All along that they were benefiting from me, I do not know that they were wishing that I die. I wouldn’t know that the people that I was paying school fees for their children were the ones seeking my downfall”, he said.

He, however, declared that he has forgiven all those who were responsible one way or the other for his sack saying, “If you want to make heaven as a Christian, don’t bear or hold any grudge against anyone. Forgiveness is my number one principle because I want to make heaven.

Responding to questions if he regretted the action that culminated to his sack, Lawal said: “Let me tell you, nothing happened to me. Right from the beginning of the saga, I knew that the whole thing was fabricated and that was why I did not give any damn from the beginning. I did not give a damn”.

Lawal said he cannot be governor of his state because the position of the SGF he had attained, he would not demote himself to be governor as the SGF is a federal appointment higher than the governorship position.

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