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Illegal refineries with 4m litres/day capacity discovered in Rivers

The Nigerian Navy said it has discovered six new illegal refineries with the combined capacity to refine four million litres of crude oil daily in Alakiri, Asari Toru Local Government Area of Rivers.

Capt. Victor Choji, Executive Officer of the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Pathfinder Port Harcourt, disclosed this while destroying one of the illegal refineries on Thursday in Alakiri, Asari-Toru.

“The refinery (in Alakiri) has the capacity to produce one million litres of refined petroleum products daily, while the five other refineries have production-capacity of three million litres daily,” he said.

Choji said the refineries were discovered through intensive intelligence gathering and undercover operations by naval troops.

He said the navy deployed Swam Buggy machines to crush the metallic storages and its pipelines to make it impossible for operators of the refineries to rehabilitate the facilities.

“This operation is focused on hitting the very heart of their infrastructure so that the operators do not have capacity to regroup and resume their illicit activities.

“We realised that whenever we set ablase the refineries without the use of Swam Buggy machine, days after our troops leave the scene, the oil thieves return and revive the refineries.

“So, the Navy came up with this strategy to ensure that the pipeline network and metallic storages at the illegal facility are completely crushed.

The executive officer said the swam buggy approach was also adopted to address health concern raised by residents over carbon emissions (black soot) in the atmosphere in the state and environs.

He said that the strategy had led to significant reduction of soot in the atmosphere while also improving aquatic life in the maritime environment.

“We started siphoning petroleum products first before destroying the illegal refineries as part of measures to eliminate soot in the atmosphere.

“After siphoning the product, it is then taken out of the area and handed over to authorities for testing and analysis,” he said.

Choji said it would take troops about seven days to move the petroleum products and destroy the six illegal refineries.


  1. Tobi Abiodun Tobi Abiodun March 30, 2018

    These are potential locations for modular refinery. The govt needs to act fast and improve the economic lives of the people living in the creeks and the best way to do that is using available resources to create industry and wealth for them.

  2. Funmilayo Damilola Funmilayo Damilola March 30, 2018

    Govt to empower the communities so that they can live peacefully and happily therein. We need to stop talking and act because these people are also Nigerians and we should find a legal means of taking care of them.

  3. Bolu Bolu March 30, 2018

    Politicians don’t want to build national refinery but busy building there private refineries

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