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Igbo Has Option of Self-Determination If Marginalised Says Ohaneze

President of Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohaneze Ndigbo in Anambra State, Elder Chris Eluemuno, has warned that if Ndigbo is marginalised or intimidated in any way in Nigeria, they have no other option than self-determination.
He further stated that if the President-elect, Gen. Muhammed Buhari (retd) failed to implement the report of the National Constitutional Conference, the unity, equity and fairness in Nigeria would be in doubt.
Eluemuno, who is also the chairman of the president of the Ohaneze Ndigbo in the seven states that make up the Igbo socio-cultural organisation, further stressed that killing the Confab report would amount to killing the unity of the country.
The Ohaneze chieftain, who spoke in Awka on Tuesday said “we in the Ohaneze want the implementation of the Confab resolution. Buhari should implement that report. He must give us one extra state. If he turns his back to that report, he is turning his back to the unity of Nigeria. If he kills the report, he is killing the unity of Nigeria.
He said that the change that came to the country in the wake of the last general election, was a welcome development, given the fact that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) had stayed on the stage for a long time, but he emphatically stated that there would be no real change if there is no structural change in the country.
Eluemuno disowned the Chief Ralph Obioha Ohaneze Caretaker Committee that visited Buhari and canvassed for jobs, saying there was no single crisis in the Igbo socio-cultural organisation and those who went to Buhari did not go there on behalf of Ohaneze, but for their own selfish purposes.
He said that the South West and the North East have for some years now been in position but they did not go cap in hand begging President Goodluck Jonathan for appointments, noting that it is not only Igbos who did not vote for Buhari, yet those people have not shamelessly gone to beg for appointments.
“Ohaneze must insist on the constitutional rights of Ndigbo to get their fair share in the allocation of political appointments. We are not known to scramble for positions. What is due to us should be given to us. What belong to us must come to us. We do not need to go and beg” said the Anambra Ohaneze President.

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