Ifie Sekibo’s Heritage Bank drives to empower women for success


Our mums, daughters, sisters and aunties all deserve to be treated like the queens they are and that’s why Heritage Bank has taken on a new challenge.

According to Heritage Bank there are 83 million adult Nigerians who are currently excluded from or can’t get access to the financial system in Nigeria.

Something like opening a bank account may seem like a birth right for people living in big cities but the reality on the ground is that millions of Nigerians are missing out on the safety and security of opening a bank account.

But with more than half of the unbanked population being women, and the majority coming from rural areas, Heritage Bank and its MD Ifie Sekibo have taken up the task to improve the situation for women.

“We want to change that,” the bank stated.

“So, we’ve learned to work closely with our women to nurture the true foundation of wealth and give our future the power it deserves.”

PowerBase is Heritage Bank’s gender inclusion project, which is centred on achieving economic growth for our women through gender empowerment and affirmation.

The bank believes that by providing convenient banking for women “everywhere” it can raise the standard for women across the country.

The PowerBase account for women is simple and easy to open and has some great features to help you save money.

By signing up for this account you will also get access to Heritage Bank’s innovative mobile banking app, which will give you even more freedom to run your own finances. Check out how Heritage Bank created its latest app here.

Some of the savings account features include an opening balance of N1000, cash back reward on referrals, up to
N50,000 overdraft facilities and access to financial education sessions.

If you open a PowerBase current account you could get access to 60% of the N220 billion set aside by the CBN for women entrepreneurs, single digit loan rates, customized debit card options, access to e-payment channels, discounts and cash back rewards on referrals.

“It is not a mere product,” the bank said.

“Rather a proposition that combines financial services with access to information, education and networking opportunities.”


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