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Ifa Priests’ Predictions for Cuba in 2015

In the Yoruba traditional religion, divination gives the priests unreserved access to the teachings of Orunmila. Esu is seen as being in charge of justice, order and the transportation of sacrifices (Ebo). Esu is the one said to give authority (Ase) to the oracle when the need arises. Esu is also the one that holds the keys to a person’s blessings (Ire), thus acting as Oluwinni.

Thus, priests of the Yoruba Traditional Religion and Cultural Association of Cuba issued its 2015 predictions following the prophecies of the Ifa oracle.

According to the predictions, under the sign of Otura Sa, in 2015, Cubans must further respond to spiritual life, increase level of hygiene and follow customs and habits providing a healthier life. It also urged Cubans to avoid social indiscipline, look after marital relations, prevent sexually transmitted diseases and encourage family, religious and social unity.

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