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IBB dispels death rumour, says Nigeria‘ll surmount present challenges

The former military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida has said that he is alive and not dead as rumoured in some quarters. Babangida made the declaration on Sunday in an interview with some journalists at his hilltop mansion, saying Nigeria will surely surmount its present challenges and secure a very beautiful future for the younger generations.

He added that the future of the country is bright and the dreams of Nigerian people must be actualized as long as there is life. “I still believe very strongly in this country… our people are very industrious, hardworking and that gives me hope for Nigeria” he stated. About the rumour that he was dead, the former military ruler said “for me, it doesn’t shock me, neither bother me because I know I must go and meet God my Creator (one day), there is nothing really to worry about, my religion has told me”.

“As a Muslim I strongly believe everybody will die, everybody will die and everybody has to die, it could be now or in hundred years’ time or two days to come but it doesn’t matter, everybody must die” he submitted. The former President emphasized that nobody is above sickness or death because nobody is above what God has destined as everybody will eventually die. IBB congratulated the Queen of England for marking her 90th birthday while wishing her good health and long life. He described her as gracious person who is much concerned about her people.

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