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I am used to seeing/Painting naked women as an artist – Minjin


…fall in love with someone who gives you peace of mind-singer, Minjin

Talented Afro-Pop cum RNB singer Adewale Lawanson Junior better known as Minjin has shown his versatility since he starred as lead male character in the first all-black-cast High School Musical where he played the character ‘Troy’and ever since his career has blossom not just as an actor but a blessed musician with several songs to his credit.

However not so many will know that Minjin is a prolific painter whose work has graced the wall of veterans like Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi amongst others. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, the multifaceted recording artiste led us into his world as a music artiste, as a painter, love life and why painting naked women isn’t new to him.


 What’s new about Minjin the Artiste?

Well, as a musician, what is new is that I just shot my new video ‘Slowly’, and also releasing a new single. The song is about love. Passing a message that love is not necessarily about money but true feeling of affection.

What prompted such song, it’s so unlike Minjin?

I got a lot of connections to my fans. Most of them wanted me to do a love song. They all loved it. I sampled it with my major fans and they all fell in love with it. I was stubborn about it earlier but I had to succumb.

Aside from music you also draw and paint, can tell us about it?

Art is my business side because most of the people that buy my art work buy it because of the painting. They are not buying it because I am a musician or because they like my song. They buy it because it’s cute. Some of them don’t even like music. They are just rich people who have money and want to buy art sorts.  Music for me comes first because it is my life

Did you to any school of arts?

Not at all. All I did was street apprenticeship. I had to lie to me mum that I was doing some extra classes. She had no idea; I was on the streets learning how to perfect my art. Everything I saw my oga do then, I go home and try it out. It was rough thou, but I had the zeal and keen interest and that saw me through. All I needed was the spark which the street apprenticeship gave me.

How long have you being painting?

I have been painting since 2006, but music has taken all my time and attention until recently. When you have something inside you, it will always come out one way or the other. When I decided to take it seriously in 2015, I began to attend exhibitions. At the moment, I have people who are interested in my paintings, I have my own studio now and I am doing my exhibition before the year runs out.

I will be collaborating with clubs in Lagos; Quilox restaurant is part of them. Fans will have an opportunity to interact with me and I will engage in live paintings as well.

What’s the idea?

Musician painting live, singing and lots of fun things going on. My fans will watch me do music and painting at same time. Most people don’t know that part of me, but now I really want them to know that I draw, paint and other creativity.

How do you cope painting naked clients?

Most men don’t feel secure when their wives or women are around artists. But our job is not different from a doctor. You cannot say because a doctor will see your wife’s nakedness, he must not attend to her. Also, the doctor must behave himself regardless of what comes to his mind.

I am used to seeing naked women and it is not because I enjoy seeing them. My job requires me to do so for me to bring out an unbelievable image.

I am a man too; I get moved when I see naked women, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get the job done. I work with my imagination a lot and what I see around. In my art, I try to depict African culture because it is where I am from. If I showcase Africa, people will understand where I am coming and appreciate me.

What inspires you?

My ears. When I close my ears, noise is out, then I feel the inner me. My ears are very sensitive. I trained them. I might be driving and I hear a song playing someone, I can easily pick it and do something different.

Won’t this new side of you, affect your music career?

Not at all. Right now, it’s a time for reflection. Instead of wasting time with friends, drinking at clubs or hanging out, I can use that time to do something useful with my pencil. It’s not easy to see a musician that paints like me, because I know that I’m very good in what I do. Painting keeps me away from trouble. I can paint you to look exactly like you. I’m that good. I like to wow my clients. I have done lots of jobs. Now, I have less but quality friends.

What has the music industry taught you?

It has taught me that you need to get the best team first and putting out your stuffs is good. Just imagine Rihanna posting that I am her favourite artiste. Imagine how many people will look for me even if they don’t know me because it matters who is taking about you.  The best musician in Nigeria has not blown. He might just be somewhere doing ‘yahoo yahoo’ sef. What I am trying to say is that there are lots of talents out there that are yet to be discovered.

Yahoo boys are invading the industry, how is this affecting artistes who have no money for promotion?

It is also affecting me. But thank God for social media and other music platforms where you can showcase your art.

Is Minjin a romantic person?

To me, love means peace of mind. Who gives you peace of mind is the person you should love. Feelings of affection are good but I can’t be with someone who claim to love me but won’t give me peace of mind. It keeps you sane and helps you through life. Love is quite consuming. Inner peace should always come with love. Peace, Joy and happiness should also follow.

I’m in love with a lot of my fans. Right now, I am weighing my options. They are people I like, but I can’t say I am in love with them. But if any of them gets pregnant, I’m not ready but its fine. We will keep the baby.

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