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How I Lost My Omoge to My Padi

I remember singing #Psquare’s #OmogeMi for fun back in the day.
I didn’t know I was that I’d sing and mean it one day.
I met Lota at an event sometime in October last year, I was going about my interviews when I saw her walk past the Red Carpet, the melanin was popping, She wore a pair of super tight and fitted white skinny jeans with knee rips and a very comfy looking white crop top, a very light texture black cape & she let her hair drop to her shoulder underneath a wine color Fedora hat, she finished it with a black Air Max.. Yes I took time to see all these in a flash.

Luck was kind to me, I walked in to find her just by a corner, her own table, her own bottle of drink, while the Dee Jay and Hypeman had the crowd buzzing, she was there updating her snap chat diary.

I found a way to appear in her snap while forming “unlooking”, then I suddenly turned like I just noticed…
Me: Did I ruin it?
Lady: Excuse me?
Me: Did I ruin your snap?
Lady: chuckles no it’s fine… Come here (she lifts the phone for an official feature in her snap diary.)

Ade (I said stretching a handshake) and she responded, Lotachukwu.
We got along.
The event ended by 2, since she was going to the mainland, I offered to drop her, but sometimes, your village people won’t let you b great, my car somehow didn’t start.
So Lota had to take a taxi, I didn’t want to be forward, but I asked if she was on IG & she told me her handle ( I managed to forget this), but 3 days later, luck was nice to me again, the event organizers knew her, so they had tagged her to her picture that was taken that night.

I found Lota again, we linked up, I had honestly started to like her, slim pretty lady with an amazing personality, voice, body & all.
She was in her final year in the University of Lagos.

One day we had an argument & just to make up, I invited her over for an album launch party, as usual I was busy on the carpet, so I quickly introduced her to my guy to be a nice company till I was done.
DX my guy, a Disc Jockey, fine guy with Swags, dreads, connection and good dress sense.

I frequently stole glances at her to be sure she was just OK, at some point DX gave me a signal- they were going in.
I finally got in after the carpet was over and I went into the hall, spotted her sitting on a table with DX, so I hurried there to let her know I was in but still had to do some more interviews backstage but I’d regularly check on her.
That night, Lota had to rush home before the event was over because she had the only key to her house and her big sister was stranded, so my whole plan to go someplace, share quality moment was squashed. (But then, we live to fight again another day)
Did I tell you I was already attracted to her by now, like we had a Little thing going on though it wasn’t official and all, but we knew there was something… She didn’t want another relationship just yet, (so I been dey do small small)
Fast forward to weeks after, I was having a meeting at a cafe just by the Radio Station where DX is a House DJ, then I thought I spotted Lota walking out and stepping into a Taxi, (Lota isn’t one to easily miss even in a crowd). The jealous lover side of me just calculated she had come to see DX, but I spoke to that part to be calm, I can’t be too forward and then loose the Lota I didn’t even have yet.

I called her phone, but, somehow, it didn’t connect.
Communication wasn’t like before again, Lota was busy, school work, she was starting a vlog, her modelling career was picking up more, and I was busy too, but I always tried to check on her, visited her in school, at home.

Then one Friday , I was at the cinemas for the screening of a new web series, and from where I stood, waiting for the event to start, I saw Lotachukwu in the Elevator (it was a transparent one) and I hurriedly went to give her that surprise!!! Kini, my thoughts were she was hanging out or she had been invited too, so I quickly asked if she was alone because I’d love the company, then she smiled and said “DX invited me”.
That minute, my heart bounced, my intestines twisted swiftly, I had goose bumps, I was cold and I almost lost my voice but managed to say “oh OK, nice, see you then”.
I really did like her much already, then I started to think of the guys I had told about her, same guys that were friends with DX.
That evening didn’t go well at all, I managed to fake the smiles through the evening before leaving abruptly in the middle of the event, I couldn’t look at them smile and play together like lovers while I just pace around, I couldn’t bare the thoughts that they’d sit together in the cosy cinema hall and giggle or laugh at every scene, I couldn’t understand what was going on and where I went wrong or how neither of them felt they were wrong if my thoughts were right.

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