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I live my life the way I please – Ikechukwu Ogbonna

His trademarks roles in movies is either a lover boy or a gangster. Handsome with  a princely physique, it is no wonder he is one of the leading men in Nollywood. Not one to get carried away by his physical attributes,  the ladies’ man who is fondly called IK or “Tattoo boy” on account of the numerous art works that adorn his six-packed frame, is also a model who has his hands in several other businesses like event organization. Recognizing his great acting skills and a passion for the art, who has featured in movies such as lovelorn, playing safe amongst others, was a nominee in the best actor category in the just concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award.


He spoke about his much talked fiancée Sonia Morale and expectations of the awards.


You always look good each time you turn up for events. What is the secret to your impeccable dress sense and style?

Thank you for the compliment. Well there is no secret behind it other than the fact that I love to look good and look my best at all times. The event that I attend dictate what I wear and I must say that when it comes to dressing for an occasion and looking good, I am well  grounded in that.


What do you think about this year’s AMVCA. Was it worth the hype?

First of all, I want to commend the organizers of the event for a job well done and also for believing so much in the brand called Nollywood. This year’s event is one of the biggest so far and the fact that the Nigerian movie industry is doing so well and getting recognition is something to be joyous about.


Would you attest to the fact that the award was credible?

I think so and I can also say that it was a free and fair award because it isn’t about the organizers but rather the viewers who choose their winners in all the categories which is why it is called the viewer’s choice awards. The viewers did not fall short of the expectations of the all, the audience present and viewers at home. All I can say is that the organizers of the event should keep the good work going as we expect a better package next year.


Recently the news of your engagement to your girlfriend flooded the cyber space. How were you able to handle the fact that the news went viral?
You see this days when I read about myself on the internet, I just laugh it off most especially the negative ones which are obviously not true. But on the engagement, yes it is truth that my girlfriend, Sonia and I we got engaged and I am happy about that because you should understand the kind of feelings that radiates around you when you have finally found true love and everything seems to be going on perfectly.


These days we see you flaunt your girl friend. Are you trying to make a statement?

Let me correct this, I am not flaunting my woman, I am just living my life the way I should. I am doing things that will make my woman happy. I don’t cheat and that is why I am living my life the way I so please. The disadvantage of being open about your private life is that some people will try to destroy what you are trying to build. They spread all sorts of rumors but if you both  are best of friends, you will laugh off the negative stories.

Do allegations and rumors affect you?

No, it doesn’t. The only person I owe any explanation to is God.  I don’t owe any human being any explanation.  As long as I know I am in His good book and my conscience is clear, I am not bothered.


Now that you are engaged, how will be able to cope with your female fans?

Just the way I am coping with them before I got engaged. I should be able to draw the line between my fans and my woman because I won’t want to do anything to hurt her in anyway because she is presently carrying my baby and I am excited about it.


How do feel becoming a father soon?

Very excited I must tell you. I can’t just wait to be called daddy by my unborn child. It  means more responsibilities and I am prepared for it all.


When then should we expect the wedding bells?

Very soon, but definitely it will be a big one so I won’t be calling it a wedding bell but rather an alarm because it’s going to come in a very big way. You just keep your fingers crossed.

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