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I knew that Adeleke would die, says nurse alleged of administering drug

The nurse who allegedly injected drugs on late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, Mr Alfred Aderibigbe, on Thursday told the coroner inquest set up by the state government of Osun that there were strong indications that the lawmaker maker would die before getting to the hospital.

This is as the nurse denied that he administered drugs on the deceased in consonance with the prescription given by his doctor.

Aderibigbe who is a chief nursing officer at a Comprehensive Health Centre in Edunabon, Ife North Local Government Area of the Osun State, said this while giving his testimony before the coroner.

Aderebigbe who stated that he did not know any the deceased’s doctors that used to prescribed drugs for the late Senator admitted that he only administer drugs on the deceased whenever he was called upon.

While denying administration of overdose injection on the deceased, Aderibigbe admitted that he was the one that administered the already prescribed drugs on the deceased as part of effort to treat gout arthritis, an ailment known with the late senator few hours to his death.

He however denied administering all the empty ampules of injections found in his room on the deceased.

Aderibigbe who was led in evidence by his counsel, Lekan Alabi said he gave the late politician some drugs he had already kept with him.

Aderibigbe narrated, “Few hours to the death of late senator Isiaka Adeleke, on April 23, I was sleeping inside my house. At around past 4, I heard some people banging my gate, shouting, but when I opened the gate, I saw his campaign vehicle with some of his aids who said the deceased has been calling my phone for crucial medical treatment.

“They said they had called me earlier. And when I picked my phone and checked, I truly saw about 16 missed calls.

“Out of these missed calls, I noticed that Senator Adeleke had called alongside within of his friends, Dipo Faborode.

“But immediately I called back it was his friend Faborode who was with him that firstly picked it but later gave the deceased the phone.

“It was then that he (Adeleke) told me that that gout was disturbing him. He said I should bring along his injections which he kept in my custody.

“But when I got there I saw him in pains. He told me that he had been calling me and later asked for his Injections which I had already brought for him.

“when I brought it out he asked if I brought intravenous fluid apart from the injections. Though I didn’t take this along but I went home immediately and I brought it.

“I saw some oral drugs which I thought he had taken before I arrived there. He started calling the drugs one by one in the presence of his friend, Dipo.

“When he brought out a prescription, I started the administering of those drugs as being prescribed.
“though on April 17, the Late Senator showed me a prescription and gave me those drugs that I should take them home. I asked him to give me the prescription that day but he refused.

“I don’t know the name of the Doctor that prescribed those drugs but as the name sounds I knew it was an Igbo doctor.

“So, when I checked him, his blood pressure was 130/80. Temperature 37.4, respiration was 26 beat per minute pulse 86.

“I saw that all his vital signs were okay. When I was checking his vital signs he said he was getting better.
“When I noticed that he had taken some drugs before my arrival, I swiftly asked him if he had taken anything, and he said there was nothing he had not used before I came.

“In my effort to make him better, I broke three out of the four injections I brought inspire the fact that he insisted I give him all.

“But I used my discretion since he insisted that I give him all the dosages in the prescription to ensure that the drugs are accurately administered.

“I stayed with him from 4am and left at 7:50 in the morning. Though I normally stayed until he wakes up, but, I had to go take persimmons from church because I was supposed to teach Sunday school.

“I left his friend Dipo with him. But when I came back and when he was still sleeping and his friend Dipo was behind him when I entered, I called his name “De Guv” but, he didn’t not respond well.

” When I noticed this I quickly gave him cardiac massage when I discovered that he was not breathing well.
“When this persisted we raised an alarm and brought his vehicle and he was rushed to Biket Hospital in Osogbo.

” I knew he would have died before reaching Biket Hospital because I was not in the same vehicle with him and there was no any medical experts in the vehicle. He later died when before getting to the hospital.”

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