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‘I intend to restructure Nigeria in Phases’

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, vying for the presidential seat in the forthcoming general elections under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said he intends to restructure the country in phases if he emerges winner.

He made this known in Kano yesterday during a rally organized by the Atiku Campaign Organizations.

According to him, “What l am advocating for is that the restructuring of the country, should be carried out in phases, rather than being total, because the power at the centre is too heavy, which needs to be slim down.

“By restructuring, I mean devolving powers to the states or geopolitical zones as the case may be so that they can assume greater responsibilities of their respective states or zones.”

Atiku accused the APC of being ignorant as his position on the issue of restructuring, dates back to the reports of constitutional restructuring of 1994.

He said “At the moment, the Federal Government has too much on its plate and it is not able to pay attention to all parts of the country.

“My believe is that by devolving more powers to those states or regions, they are closer to the people, particularly in areas like education, health, infrastructure, etc. I want to see a lean Federal Government, a small Federal Government” he advocated.

He suggested that, the functions of the Federal Government should be limited to issue, bothering on defence, immigration, currency and the Central Bank.

“A small Federal Government which will deal essentially with matters like defence, foreign affairs, currency, Central Bank and immigration, are what I advocate for,” he stated.

“So, if we give you more powers and resources to develop your respective states then you should hold your states responsible not the Federal Government that is what I mean by restructuring,” he affirmed.

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