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I have experience to govern Nigeria, understands the pains, says Dankwambo

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant and former governor of Gombe state, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo says, he is eminently qualified to run the country as its president as he understands the pains the people are going through.

Dr. Dankwabo stated this in Umuahia through his campaign media Director/spokesperson, Dr. Ayoade Adewepo, who said they were in the state to speak with the PDP delegates in the state and to canvass for their support towards the elections coming up in October at the National Convention elections for the PDP.

Dr. Ayoade said the visit was intended to “talk to them to let them see reasons why the candidature of Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo is important to Nigeria and for Nigerians and the reason why there should be a change in the face of governance.

He said Dr. Dankwambo is the face of new Nigeria. “He is the promise that Nigeria has always wanted and the essence which this country was created and what the founding fathers and leaders are thinking of in a leader when the country had independence in 1960”.

Dr. Ayoade said the Gombe State Governor has been in private and public service and is a technocrat and politician who understands the pain of Nigerians and “not too old or young to run as a 56 year old mans.

“He is a child of Independence and understands what Nigerians are going through”.

Dankwabo has had the privilege of working as an Accountant General of Gombe State, and that of the federation, as well as being the man who put up the Single Treasury Account, the cashless policy the country is enjoying today and has had the privilege to rule and run Gombe for almost eight years.

According to his campaign spokesman, within this period, Dankwambo took Gombe to the next level in the areas of education, infrastructure, and health sector, and in the area of security, Gombe, is right in the middle of all the troubled states, Yobe, Borno, and Adamawa insurgency.

Gombe is the only state without insurgents as Dr. Dankwambo understands what it means to be the chief security officer of a state.

“In the area of economy, he is experienced as the Accountant General of the state and of the Federation and he has ran the books of the country and that of the state and has all the experience to run the country properly”, Ayoade added, pointing out that Dr. Dankwambo also stands with restructuring.

Dr. Dankwambo later met with the PDP state caucus members behind closed doors.

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