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I would have died in place of my grandson – Septuagenarian

Officers at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department [SCID], Panti, Yaba has launched investigation into the alleged killing of 16-year-old Seun Babalola by one Wasiu Oloriesho at Idi- Araba, Mushin area of Lagos State.

The Daily Times gathered that the late Babalola, who was preparing to sit for his West Africa Examination Council examination was shot dead inside her grandmother’s shop. The incident which led to the young man’s death was said to be as a result of some hoodlums in the area who went on the rampage.

The deceased’s 64-year-old grandmother, Mrs. Mary Babalola was also hit by stray bullet from the hoodlums as they shot sporadically in the area.

Amidst tears, the grandmother told our correspondent she wished she had died instead of her grandson.

“My grandson and I were about going home that fateful day, when I saw some people brandishing something that looked like iron; I asked my son if we are will still in December where people used fireworks, but nobody answered me.

“The next thing I heard was a loud noise of gunshot and everybody started running for safety. Before I knew what was happening, I felt something hit me on my leg and I fell down.”

After the hoodlums fled the area, neighbours who knew the grandma rushed her to nearby Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, but even in her pains she was asking for her grandson.

“While I was still there in pain I saw some people who also sustained injury were brought to the hospital and to my shock, I saw they lifeless body of my grandson. I was told he had been shot in the head and he died immediately.

I was told the stray bullet hit him in the head where he was hiding. As I speak with you, I don’t know the cause of the shooting that killed my first grandson.  I have been bedridden since that time and I have nobody to help me except the occasional assistance of some neighbours and my children who carried me.

“When I heard about the arrest of the suspect I was happy, but the killing of my grandson is the most devastating thing that has ever happened to me.  After the incident I have been living from hand to mouth.”

The deceased mother, Mrs. Yinka Adejuwon told our correspondent that her son had been with her mother since when he was six months old.

“I felt bad when I heard about the death of my son, Sheun was my first child, he had been with my mother for long, I have not been myself since he had died, it is not possible for me to have a child of that age anymore. Everyday his siblings always asked me where is brother Sheun? I don’t even know what to tell them or how to deal with the pain.



“One fateful day when I was sleeping the deceased woke me and said to me, mummy, after his graduation from University he is going to established a big shop for me and also build a house for grandma. Who is going to do all these for me?”she lamented as she sobbed.

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