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I can wear anything but I would never be naked-Mimi Orjiekwe

I keep clean; so I don’t need a tattoo-Mimi Orjiekwe

Light skin actress, Mimi Orjiekwe needs no introduction in the industry, for someone who storm the industry after having a fear share of appearance in beauty pageant; stardom was longer new to her as she came into industry in 2010 and ever since she has featured in countless movies making her one of the most sought after actress. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, Mimi talks more about her fashion and style.

You are beautiful and always radiant; has your beauty ever worked against you?

It has opened a lot of doors for me but it can also make people upset at you. If someone thinks you are beautiful and feel you don’t have their time or refuse to do their bidding, they get upset and I lose out. It has happened several times. It is one of the challenges of being beautiful. If you need a favor from a man, he would believe it is the right time to make advances at you
How have you been able to maintain your physique?
It is hard to stay in shape because as you grow you tend to eat more food and if you do not exercise regularly it would be difficult to keep your shape. Whenever I see any girl who is in shape I always give her kudos because it means she really worked hard. Sometimes I grow bigger and other times I am slimmer but I work out a lot and I watch what I eat. However, I have come to realize that it is not about what you eat but the hormones in you. If you want to remain beautiful and keep fit, you have to work hard. One has to work out daily, watch what you eat, embark on regular diets, and maintain your physique.
You seem not to have any tattoos?

I cannot draw anything on my body. Sometimes I say that my body is like a Ferrari or a Bentley. You will never see anyone write things on such exotic cars. I keep clean, I don’t want any tattoo on my body because I do not need all that. I think if I inscribe something on my body, at a point, I might not want it any more so I don’t want to do something I would want to remove later in life.
How about extra body piercing?
I come from a very humble Christian background. It is not like there is anything wrong with extra body piercing but I grew up knowing my mother did not have an extra piercing on her body. She is my role model and I do not want to do anything she did not do. As the only daughter in my family, my mother is the only one I look up to. I learnt how to carve my eye brows from her. She did not have an extra piercing. I learnt from her. When I grew up and saw that my friends had multiple ears piercing, I liked it at a point but I made a decision not to indulge in it.
What would you never be caught wear?
I can wear anything but I would never be naked.
Why don’t you like using accessories?
I am a very simple person. I like accessories and I use them sometimes but they make you look overdressed. Sometimes you have to know what you are wearing so that you do not over use accessories.
How often do you visit spas?
I do that most times when I travel. I also pamper myself when I see that I am stressed out. It is not an everyday thing.

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