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I build plant that can generate 2000MW in one year– Osagie Davies

A young Nigerian graduate of ceramics from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Biteboye Osagie Davies has come up with an invention that could end Nigeria’s epileptic electricity crisis for good.

The young researcher, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Times recently said he has been working on alternative energy generation for over a decade and has successfully developed an environment friendly innovation that can generate over 2000 megawatts of electricity in twelve months.

Describing his innovation branded DABSARIN10 as simple, practical and realistic, Osagie said the only hitch to make it available now is a sponsor to enable him acquire the needed equipment to build the power plant.

This is a technology that is self powered mega generation plant (DABSARIN10) based on decade long research to find a new and simple method of generating electricity at greatly reduced cost.

“Electricity is generated today by converting rotational mechanical-kinetic energy into electrical energy using Michael Faraday’s dynamo design invented in the 1880s.

“Generator alternators today also use the same method but having bigger field coils called stator and rotating coils called rotor. In all alternators, the rotor receive rotational mechanical kinetic energy from an external source like the combustion of fuel, gas, diesel or nuclear, wind and water; so long as the rotor spins at the required RPM (rotation per minute) within the magnet  generated by the stator, electrical energy will be generated, but constant supply of fuel must be pumped into the combustion unit to maintain the generation of rotational mechanical kinetic energy needed by the rotor and stator to generate electricity continuously.”

Allaying the fear that his invention may be fuel dependent which may not be viable in the current petroleum crisis in the country, Osagie said the DABSARIN10 self-powered mega generation plant is sustained continuously without the use of fuel. “Rather, an energy looping system is created that maintains both the input kinetic energy and output electrical energy in a nonstop circular path. For as long as the alternator receives kinetic energy, it will continuously produce electrical energy.

“Therefore, electricity can be generated in megawatts and in stable constant supply without the headaches of low gas supply, pipeline damage or scarcity of fuel; even weather factor affecting water level in the hydro power dam would not affect DABSARIN10 in any way.”


“The major problem I am facing is that people who should help do not believe in what I am saying; they won’t even give me just the benefit of the doubt. The federal ministries and government agencies don’t believe in the innovation largely because it is coming from a Nigerian who is not ‘connected’.

“The problem of seeing a functional prototype design before they will look into it is quite challenging due to lack of funds. This technology is practically doable, it is possible and it is functional because I hold the key to this technology; it is not a borrowed idea but a product of my decade long research.

“All I need is sponsorship from private, government or any individual who can provide me the required funds to put this new electricity production technology into reality. I have written several letters to government but there has been no positive response so far.

Cost projection

“The costing would depend on the exchange rate of the Naira to the dollar and the cost cannot be fixed, but a rough estimate would be in the region of between $30,000 to $50,000 dollars. However, I can build a small plant that can generate 10 to 50 Megawatts of electricity within three to six months.”

Osagie laments the apparent lack of interest of the ministry of power who appear to dismiss any idea bothering on new alternative method of generating power outside the current system they are operating.

“Feedbacks have not been encouraging from the ministries directly involved in the power generation, but other agencies not directly involved are interested but are not able to help because of their operational mandate.”

Osagie believes his nationality is the problem. “A lot of people still think there can be no advancement in power generation innovation from Nigeria or Africa. But I will prove them totally wrong; it is a matter of time and I will finally put my DABSARIN10 technology to use in the Nigerian market,” Osagie said.

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