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I Am Wondering If I will not Open My Own Church-Charly Boy

Controversial celebrity, Charly Boy has aired his opinion on the kind of person that should occupy Aso rock. He believes that Nigeria needs a selfless leader who would also be a benevolent dictator. He also talked about how pastors are having so much wealth but their members are in poverty. He said he wonders why he too has not opened his own church.  Make una hear Charly Boy yearn-

Nigeria needs the kind of leader that people are afraid of, one that commands tremendous respect, charismatic with a lot of enigmatic swagg. We have had enough of biscuit, baba sala, leaders, we need someone who can whip people back to shape, because many tinz don spoil.

Someone who can turn around most of the things that have gone wrong, because right now nobody is afraid of anything, impunity is the order of the day.
This country needs a man who is selfless and ready for the ultimate sacrifice, one who smells different, has the guts and is strong enough to shake Nigeria to its roots, by dealing roughly with some motherf**kers who have messed up this country.

Nigeria doesn’t need a man who is indecisive about things and afraid, she needs a man who is tough enough to confront the wolves. Nigeria needs a benevolent dictator. It’s really time for some a*s kicking. How you see the matter?

How can you be living extravagantly when some church members can’t even afford a meal? That is the height of wickedness. Enough of the deceit, enough of turning the bible upside down to suit people’s ears while they suffer in poverty.
We need spirituality not religiosity. Even with all these churches at every junction and every bending corner,every brothel and hotel, morality is at all time low. The church should be a place for spiritual nourishment and not a kalukalu venture, or for prosperity preaching. Pastors should concentrate more on how we should all be our brothers keepers, rather than praying for us to be rich like them. God does not operate like a Babalawo neither is he a Nigerian. I am wondering if me too wont open my own church ,but it will be different because i will never use Gods name in vain. All these our so called Men of God should come out and hustle like real men and stop using psychology to deceive ignorant people and take their money. Haba!!! I guess that is their own hustle. Where is the humility that Christ talked about? If anyone is not leading by the examples of Jesus just like the pope, then his Manofgodizim is very questionable. I thought they said the meaning of Christianity was Christ likeness…I’m just wondering. Maybe I’m lost. Abeg, I rest my case joor. Man of God my ass, who dash dem. I Am even a better BOY of GOD than those MEN OF GOD.

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