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I Am Not Finished; Bill Cosby Breaks Silence in New Video


Bill Cosby has remained silent ever since the rape accusations scandal began. Now, however, the comedian is breaking that silence with a video message.

Though Cosby offered written messages defending himself against the accusations of women who claimed he drugged them and assaulted them, the new video message marks his first missive to fans. With over 38 women speaking out against him, the comedian has created a video that avoids any indication he’s even aware of those accusations.

However, rather than address those accusations, Cosby’s video focuses on his ability to be funny during the comedy shows he has scheduled.

“You know I’ll be hilarious,” he boasts.

In addition to the video, Cosby included a message reaffirming his previous written statements that his professional career has not ended.

“Dear fans, I hope you enjoy my wonderful video message that’s filled with laughter… Hey, hey, hey, I’m far from finished.”

In addition, Eddie Murphy refused to mock Bill Cosby on Saturday Night Live’s anniversary special. When Cosby learned about Murphy’s decision, he expressed his thanks via a spokesperson.

“I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions,” said Cosby.


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