How to succeed as real estate entrepreneur – Bridget Adeyemi, Co-founder Lekkiajahikoyi Property

Bridget Adeyemi

By Mutiat Alli

Bridget Adeyemi, the Co-Director of award-winning real estate marketing company, Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited has dished out important advice to young aspiring real estate entrepreneurs.

According to Adeyemi, “Nigeria is regarded as a country with tough business environment, so at Lekkiajahikoyi property investment LTD, we chose to succeed with dedication and consistency.

We also improve on our strategy regularly. I will advise aspiring or young entrepreneurs to be smart. Don’t be afraid to start small, then honesty is another great virtue that would help you succeed.”

Lekkiajahikoyi Property Investment Limited is also a leading real estate marketing company in Nigeria with the highest number of followers on Instagram, Bridget Adeyemi as well dished out valuable lessons on how an organization can become successful in the property market.

“We do only real estate and it’s a tough business enough to take all of your time and attention. We were motivated to go into the real estate business because it has always been our passion from childhood.

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Some of the initial challenges we encountered in our journey of entrepreneurship is gaining clients’ trust. Everyone wants to deal with old and experienced. So it’s always tough when you are new.”

Bridget Adeyemi also revealed what inspired the business name, Lekkiajahikoyi, she recalled, “The location is the most bankable area in Nigeria if not the whole of Africa.

So we thought of becoming the link between buyer and seller around the geographical scope of our operations.”

Dare Adeyemi and Mrs Bridget Adeyemi are the founders of Lekkiajahikoyi property investment limited.

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