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How Emma Nyra handles offensive comments on social media… 

It’s 2015, and it’s a generation where cyber bullying is freely practiced. People seat behind their computers or mobile phones to dish out hurtful comments and the worst hit are celebrities who are constantly in the public eye. Well, for MMMG first lady, Emma Nyra, she does not only anticipates such; she has a way of dealing with the negative comments. Speaking with Punch recently, the pretty 29-year old singer said: ‘I read a lot of comments about myself on blogs, Twitter and Instagram and I delete the offensive ones.’ While many are also keen on dating her in the industry, Emma has also admitted she is in a relationship with someone who supports her career. ‘Yes, I am in a relationship and he is very supportive of my craft. He encourages me to ignore all the negative things being said about me,’ she added….

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