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How Boko Haram Took My Sister Hostage-Survivor

Following the attack which occurred on Monday, at Kano, Kano State by Boko Haram terrorists, a survivor, Joy Musa, who escaped death by the whiskers, said her step-sister, Anthonia Musa, was taken hostage after a deadly attack.
Musa wept as she narrated her ordeal to journalists about the painful loss of her step-sister, Anthonia to the insurgents, said she cannot tell where the insurgents took her to.
According to her, before the brutal attack by members of the insurgents, Anthonia was at her place of work as a hair stylist in the neighbourhood.
She said suddenly they heard sporadic gunshots in her vicinity and before she could realise what was happening in her state of shock the gunmen had approached their house after invading other houses in the neighbourhood.
While in the process of the attack, she managed to escape but could not make it together with Anthonia because of the confusion that she had, and since that day she lost contact with Anthonia.
She said: “My name is Joy Musa, Boko Haram invaded our neighbourhood in Kano metropolis on February 3, 2014. I was among those who managed to escape, when some heavily armed Boko Haram members launched deadly attack on our neighbourhood and killed some people, while others were taken hostage.
“My step-sister, Anthonia Musa, on that day of the attack, went to her place of work, where she worked as a hair stylist in our neighbourhood.
“ Boko Haram members forcefully took away many people that day after killing some. But I narrowly escaped, and I could not spot my sister since then.”
Joy who looked worried said they are a family of four; three girls and one boy, and with Anthonia missing they have been troubled and all efforts to reach her have proved abortive.
“My step-sister, Anthonia, was born on April 24, 1986, in Benue State, and hails from the Idoma tribe. We are three girls and one boy in the family, and we have lost our parents, and now we don’t know where our sister, Anthonia is”, she stated.
The Boko Haram insurgents since July 2009 have continued to launch deadly attacks after the Nigerian military captured its founder Mohammed Yusuf in his parents-in-law’s house and handed him over to the Nigerian police force.
The police then summarily executed him in public view outside the police headquarters in Maiduguri.
Police officials initially claimed that either Yusuf was shot while trying to escape or died of wounds he sustained during a gun battle with the military.

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