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Hotelier tasks states, ministers others on job creation, industries

State governors, ministers and other government functionaries have been urged to engage themselves with job creation through establishment of industries in their various constituencies.

The Managing Director De B Gardens in Porthourt , Chief Kennedy World in a chat with journalists in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital recently said, that industries are the major creator of employments and should therefore, be taken seriously in our economic plans, especially in a developing economy like Nigeria.

Worlu said that if manufacturing industries are revived, cases of cultism, theft, kidnapping and other manner of crimes would be reduced to the barest minimum.

Advising on possible ways to beat recession, Worlu said that Nigeria should reflect on the country’s economic status in 1980s, and diversify from one area to another, adding that, apart from oil, there are many other options that can be tapped to revamp the economy.

The foremost hotel manager and administrator, pointed out that “State governors should try to go into establishment of industries to absorb idle hands in the country because an idle man is the devils workshop. Imagine what it looks like when there is no money, no food, no work; people always think of the evil. In the 1980s when Nigeria was Nigeria, things were moving fine. We should not depend solely on oil because apart from oil, we have other resources such as cocoa, palm oil, cassava, yam and others”.

Lamenting on the closure of most industries, Worlu said that state governors should go back to the drawing board and ensure that those manufacturing industries are revived so as to take in a lot of state indigenes and other Nigerians that are unemployed.

He said “We have so many industries in Rivers state. All these industries used to engage the hoodlums. Why have they disappeared? Why can’t we go back to our drawing table, research and know what to do. When we are able to bring them back, crime will be reduced and recession will be over. We all know that crime is what scaring investors away. When that loophole is sealed, investors will start trooping in”.

Commending Governor of Rivers State for a job well done in the state, Worlu said it is important that the state establishes at least one industry in each Local Government so as to create jobs for the grassroot people.

Worlu who spoke against importation of goods that could be produced in Nigeria emphasized that Governor Wike has done well but needs to focus more in manufacturing industries in the state as well.

“Our governor is a real son of Obiakpor. Wike has done well for the state and he has built over 500 roads just as he has touched lives too. He has really done well but I want him to build industries in each of the 24 local government areas of Rivers State. Such establishments should be managed by our own who understands the problems and issues of the people. When this is done, we will be able to attract investors to the state’, Worlu said.

To the hotelier, amnesty for militants is not the best option for revive the economy, as most of them come out without much to do when they finish their amnesty programme. To completely engage the youths and keep their minds off evil, Chief Worlu pointed out that manufacturing industries are the answer.

“What are the politicians doing with their constituency allowances? I expect they should use it to develop their areas in form of establishing industries. However, it has not been so; I advise them to use such funds to build industries that will benefit all, at the end of the day and even develop the entire state”.

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