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Hon. Muhammed Maikaya’s Vision for Nasarawa

Isaac Oguntoye

Musa Muhammed Maikaya, is a leading governorship aspirant in Nasarawa state under the platform of All Progressives Congress, APC, who holds the traditional title of Ciroma Toto and Magajin Al-makura, in an interaction with newsmen,  Maikaya explains his  passion for developing Nasarawa state.

Born in the 1970s, Maikaya a geology graduate of University of Jos is banking on his over 20 years of working experience in multi nationals and international exposure to change the fortunes of Nasarawa State.

Armed with his vision to make Nasarawa state the preferred investment destination in Nigeria, Maikaye believed by providing effective and transparent leadership that will harness the resources of the state for the benefit of all, “Nasarawa state will move to it’s next level.”

“My Mission is to improve the wellbeing of the people of Nasarawa state through the development of world class infrastructure, social service, tourism, agriculture and solid minerals, Nasarawa state and is blessed and strategic to the nation.

I want to run a government that is based on justice, fair, equity, fair play and selfless service to humanity. Am offering myself for the service of my people as a democratic leader who has the fear of God and sincerely have the passion to take Nasarawa state to it’s promised Land.”

Maikaya said  his ultimate goals, no matter where he stand on the political spectrum, is the upliftment of the state and political, economic cultural and social wellbeing of his people. In pursuit of this goal, I have commence consultation across the length and breathe of Nasarawa State on how to get the ticket of my great party, APC for the general election.

 “As I continue with this consultation and discussion with party elders, traditional rulers, various interest groups,  am open to questions and I’m ready to participate in any discussion that dwells on moving our state forward.”

Speaking on his chances of winning the party’s ticket, Maikaya said in a free and fair primary election his chances are clear. ‘amin the race for victory irrespective of the zoning arrangement, alot of our party members and groups are supporting our movement. I remain the man to beat come 2019 election for gubernatorial race and our party leaders knows this.

Hon. Maikaya is a dogged fighter, a firm believer of basic tenets of true democracy, a tireless man with a passion to see that his State is librated from  poverty, and experience general empowerment and the general well being of his people.

The truth of the matter is that, those who have followed Hon. Maikaya from inception, during his early days in politics, saw his blueprints and manifesto and strongly believed everything stated will be achieved.
“Today when you walk round the entire State the rest is testimonies upon testimonies of what we have done as individual, majority of our party members are behind us.

He’s optimism in capturing the leadership of this great God loving Nasarawa State however, lies on his unshakable belief that God is the custodian of authority and power.
“As someone who believes in the oneness of our dear state, my administration will be national and all embracing.

Tendencies that are anti-ethical to the unity of the state such as ethnicity, nepotism, religious bigotry, sectionalism and tribalism will have no place in this new Government, in line with my campaign slogan ” My hands are clean”, my new encompassing leadership will sweep clean our social political landscape of all forms of corruption while hard work and patriotism will be rewarded as we rely on God’s guidance in whatever policy decision we take and executing such policy decisions decisively and firmly”. He concluded.

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