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Hon. Adedipe Daud Ewenla’s Pain

Isaac Oguntoye

The 2019 general election have come and gone but the pain and the gain linger on. One of the victims of the general election was Hon. Adedipe Daud Ewenla who was detained for 37 days over allegation he knew nothing about according to reports.

Hon. Prince Adedipe Daud Ewenla who is the Managing Director and CEO of Adedas development Foundation was vying for the Lagos State House of assembly during the last general election under the flagship of People Democratic Party but his political ambition was stalled after he was accused of pipeline vandalisation that occurred at Abule-Egba in December.

In his statement, he said ‘I don’t know why former Lagos State Commissioner, Edgahi, was determined to nail and destroy my hard earned name by all cost for the offence I know nothing about. I want to ask him if he was former commissioner of police in Lagos for everybody or for certain political party.

The man was sponsored and used by my political opponents to link me with pipeline vandalisation that occured at Abule-Egba in December.

He declared me wanted in the front of newspaper; he lied against me and want to destroyed the name I have built for years all in the name of politics and the money he has collected from my opponents.

He put my name in google and you tube as a criminal while those vandals arrested said I was not part of them’