Holy Sh*t…Russian Woman Tried Ressurecting Dead Husband With Holy Water!


Neighbors of an elderly couple stated that there had been a smell of decay since Spring in their apartment

– When their apartment was flooded the neighbors came up to the elderly couple’s apartmetn and were shocked to find the mummified corpse of the husband

– Police found out that the woman had been trying to ressurect her husband for months with holy water

Russian police were shocked when they found an old woman that was trying to resurrect her dead husband with the help of holy water.

It all began when the old man born in 1929 broke his leg a year ago. His wife born in 1940, who used to be a doctor, was looking after him. The man would rarely get out of bed and didn’t move around much. The last time the neighbors saw the old man alive was almost a year ago.

However, last Friday the downstairs neighbors’ flat was flooded and when they entered the apartment of the elderly couple they saw the lifeless body of the old man. When the police began to talk to the woman she told them that she was an affiliate of ‘non-traditional medicine’ and she thought that if she sprayed the body of her husband with enough holy water he would eventually come back to life.

Holy Sh*t…Russian Woman Tried Ressurecting Dead Husband With Holy Water!
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She told her children that everything was fine and told them that it was unnecessary to visit. The report stated that the body of the old man was basically mummified, the apartment was very tidy.

The woman said that she did not feel the smell of decay; however her neighbors have stated that they felt something was rotting since spring.

The police stated that they won’t be charging the senile woman and the autopsy has shown no signs of violent death.


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