Hillary Clinton trolls Trump on Twitter

Former US Secretary of State, and 2016 Democrats Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has trolled American President, Donald Trump following the President’s reaction to the death of a thousand Americans per day to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs Clinton took to her Twitter handle where she shared a video of Donald Trump responding in an interview after the interviewer had asked the President’s response to the reality that a thousand Americans are dying everyday.

“A thousand Americans are dying a day.”

Trump: “It is what it is” she tweeted.

Hillary Clinton, who has been indirectly jibed by President Trump’s posts in the past days seems to be lending voice to Joe Biden’s vociferous call for Donald Trump to be voted out in the upcoming election, seeing that the President has been largely to blame for the country’s inability to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus in the US and the President’s lack of strategy to develop containment procedures has been the focal point of the Republican campaign in recent weeks, with interesting recriminations and counter attacks on social media forming a big part of this dramatic narrative

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