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Heritage Bank Pledges to Support Enterprising Youths

Heritage Bank has pledged to use its platform to assist enterprising young people with brilliant business ideas in the country.

The Bank called on the nation’s teeming population of undergraduate and postgraduate students to focus on the global shift towards entrepreneurship as a means of generating employment and wealth, instead of endlessly looking for non-existent employment after graduation. The Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ifie Sekibo who was represented by Group Head, SME Banking, Bayo Ogunnusi made this remark at the 2014/2015 Orientation programme organised by the University of Lagos for its incoming postgraduate students. Daily Times gathered that Heritage Bank partnered the University to organise the edutainment programme which included the orientation talks by both the Bank, the University, and various performances by a host of talented comedians and artists.

Sekibo assured that Heritage Bank would always be there to offer support and partnership for all entrepreneurship ideas aimed at creating, preserving and transferring wealth, especially among youths who are the pivot of the country’s economic and socio-political future. “Heritage Bank is a brand committed to delivering distinctive financial services, building on the legacy of innovation and partnership to create, preserve and transfer wealth across generations.

Therefore, the Bank is totally committed to supporting young individuals who would like to start their own small businesses and painstakingly nurture such. “As an innovation-driven business, our doors are always open to young people with new ideas, fresh thinking and nuggets of opportunities that need a little push to be developed into economic giants” , he added.

He noted that the growing global rate of youth unemployment has made it crucial for individuals to creatively and proactively seek new skills and other legitimate wealth generation initiatives in order to achieve happiness and personal fulfilment. “In spite of the global economic challenges, every individual has the potential to be great in life. However, identifying and developing such potential by searching out and resolutely embarking on a profitable enterprise is the responsibility of such individuals”, he said.

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