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Heritage Bank Pledges Consistent, Seamless Service

Heritage Bank has identified excellent customer service as the major plank for the continued well-being of the banking business in the country. To this end, the Bank has assured the public that its on-going process of integration with the acquired Enterprise Bank would result in the building of a more dynamic brand that would offer good services.

Speaking during the Covenant University’s three-day International Conference for African Development Issues (ICADI), which was held at the institution’s campus in Ota, Ogun State, the bank’s Adviser, Ivory Banking,  Titilayo  Babaoye, said the it would continue to strive to be known for innovation and  excellent service delivery, tailored to suit customers’ banking needs. She added that the bank’s strategy of partnering with various customers to help improve their businesses and take same to desired heights would remain constant.

According to her, Heritage Bank is a customer- needs-driven entity.

“All our platforms, processes and systems have been configured to work for our customers and drive their banking satisfaction.  Every step of the way, we are with the customer. This is the way to go. Businesses must pay more and more attention to the peculiar needs of the customer. Banks cannot afford not to work with this golden rule, if they hope to survive,” she said.

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