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Heritage Bank Ifie Sekibo Verve Gift Card provides perfect solution for any occasion

WHAT do you give the person who has it all? Well, now you can let them decide for themselves.

Heritage Bank’s Verve Gift Card takes the guesswork out of finding the right present for those you love.

It also saves you a whole bunch of time that would otherwise be wasted in traffic and shopping centres.

It’s said that when it comes to giving a gift it’s the thought that counts but we all know that a dud gift would usually end up in the trash.

But thanks to the Verve Gift Card and Heritage Bank’s MD Ifie Sekibo it’s now impossible to give a bad present.

The Verve Gift Card works like your normal bankcard and is secured by the usual security measures and PIN technology.

You can load the card up to N250,000 depending on how much you like the person and you can even personalize the card by adding the recipients name on it.

The card is accepted across the country and can be reloaded at any time with extra amounts of cash if you like.

The card can also be used to make online purchases but most importantly it is the fail safe, best possible gift you can give to anyone.

It can work with Heritage Bank’s mobile banking application, too. Find out how Heritage Bank’s latest banking app is setting the standard for the industry, click here.

It’s perfect for all ages, an excellent choice for corporate incentive programs and suits anything from birthdays to weddings and graduations. It’s also a safe way to carry larger amounts of cash, especially if it’s a child or teenager.

To find out more go to or head into your closest Heritage Bank branch.

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