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Herdsmen clash: We now have enough land for cattle ranches nationwide – FG

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh has confirmed that the Federal government has secured enough land nationwide to establish ranches in all states of the federation in matter of days, adding that the problem of farmers/herdsmen clashes will soon be a thing of the past.

He also explained that not all grasses are good for consumption by cows because whatever they eat indirectly is transfered to human beings.

While speaking on Thursday in Abuja at a town hall meeting organized by the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD), Ogbeh, who acknowledged that there is hardship in the land because the nation does not have money to import even “toothpick” due to dwindling oil revenue added that his Ministry will launch a road map for agricultural sector in a week’s time.

His words: “We want to end the cattle grazing problem between herdsmen and farmers crisis. We have about 45 million hectares of land idle; there is no reason why there should be problem.

“The conflict has to end. So, we are going to develop ranches nationwide but nobody is going to seize land from anyone, nobody is going to force anyone to surrender land, we have enough land donated already by states and the programme will start in about few days from now, I assure you, this crisis will come to end.

“People have been asking me where your road-map is, we will be launching our road-map in a week’s time”, he added.

He said it is high time young people begin to actively participate in agriculture “because in the next 34 years, the population of this country will be 450 million. At least, 5 per cent of humanity will be from Nigeria, so, who is going to feed them”? he asked.

The information and culture minister, Lai Mohammed, told the gathering that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari “is also tackling other security problems with the same decisiveness, whether it is cattle rustling, herdsmen/farmers’ clash, militancy and regional agitations.”

On the fight against corruption, Alhaji Muhammed said the recent recovered loot is a tip of  iceberg compared to what is to come later.

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