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Herdsmen are Boko Haram in disguise – Cleric

 A clergy, Rev. Fr. John Odey, has described the incessant killings by Fulani herdsmen, in some parts of the country, as Boko Haram in disguise with a hidden agenda to Islamise the country.
He made his feelings known in an interactive session with newsmen in Abakaliki and said that the incessant attacks were a form of jihad.
He regretted that Fulani herdsmen had unconstitutional and unstoppable permission to carry weapons about.
“The incessant killings by Fulani herdsmen means Boko Haram in our midst. Muslim brothers in Nigeria have hidden agenda. They have a plan to Islamise Nigeria and they feel that Buhari’s administration is their last chance to do this.
“The Fulani herdsmen’s unrelenting slaughter of fellow Nigerians without provocation, with our leaders keeping silent, goes to prove that they are determined to succeed this time. Buhari is silently watching the Fulani herdsmen to execute their plan.
“The herdsmen are quietly doing the penetration into the deepest parts of East and South. They are okada riders in many towns, they are busy studying the terrain and once they feel they have surveyed the whole place enough they carry them through, they will openly declare their jihad.
“If nothing else, let us accept the bitter truth that Nigeria is perching on a religious time bomb”, he said.
Odey urged Nigerian leaders to ensure peaceful co-existence and put an end to religious bigotry, ethnic inclination and elite greed.
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