PDP gave churches anti-Buhari film –Oshiomhole


Governor Adams Os­hiomhole of Edo State has accused the Peoples Demo­cratic Party(PDP) of stok­ing religious sentiments to sway voters in the forth­coming elections. According to the governor, the PDP has bought some church leaders to preach against the All Progressives Con­gress (APC) and brand it a Mus­lim party.

The PDP has however dis­missed the allegation as banal and petty.

While receiving a former local government chairmanship aspi­rant of the PDP, Chief Edegbe Ug­bogbo, and about 2,000 of his sup­porters into the APC on Monday, Oshiomhole warned the PDP not to polarise the country along reli­gious lines, saying it is dangerous for the polity as both Christians and Muslims have been victims of PDP’s alleged misrule in the past 16 years.

According to him, the PDP has made copies of a documen­tary which has been distributed to churches to the effect that the APC presidential candidate, Gen­eral Muhammau Buhari, would Islamise the country if voted into power.

He said: “Some pastors, after collecting money, are now preach­ing that Buhari wants to convert the nation to Islam. When Buhari was Head of State with absolute power, did he convert Nigeria to Islam? Did he convert Dodan Barracks to Islam enclave? Were there not Christian Generals all over the place?

“The issue of this election is not about religion or tribe. It is about who has what it takes to re­pair our country. It is about who will give us light. If PDP couldn’t give us light in 16 years, shouldn’t we give it to someone else? Take a critical look at this election, when NEPA takes light, do they seg­regate between Christians and Muslims? When they bring fixed charges, do they differentiate be­tween Christians and Muslims? Are both Christians and Muslims not suffering the inefficiency of PDP’s 16 years of misgover­nance?”

However, the PDP described the allegation as banal, petty and in­consequential.

The National Publicity Sec­retary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh, advised Oshiomhole to focus on the various problems confronting Edo State and stop distracting the PDP.

According to Metuh, “Oshiom­hole’s allegation is banal, petty and inconsequential. We cannot dignify him with a reply. We are focused on our campaign and he should stop distracting us.

“He should focus attention on the economic problems and oth­ers bedevilling his state and stop distracting us.

“We in PDP are very serious and focused people. So, let the gov­ernor stop distracting us.”

Oshiomhole said further: “They are saying APC is a Mus­lim Party. How can a party that parades Christians such as me, Chief John Oyegun, Prof Osin­banjo and many others be de­scribed as a Muslim Party? Now, let’s look at it, if Nigeria’s prob­lem is about religion, since 1999 till now, Christians have ruled the nation for 14 years. How come, if it is really about religion, that de­spite ruling for 14 years, Nigeria that ought to be like heaven is still like hell?

“Nobody should use God’s name to deceive the people. The matter of governance is not about what you claim but about the state of your heart. In this state, from 1999 till now, all those that have governed Edo State are all Chris­tians, yet those that governed from 1999 till 2007 did nothing. Are we not all Christians? But is it all of us that worked? They even stole from Church because when you do not pay salaries for three months, can the workers pay their tithes?


“In Edo State, Christians, Mus­lims and traditional worshippers live together in peace and har­mony. Across Edo State you find people of different religions and nobody should bring religious war to Edo State.”

While appealing to the people to jealously guard their PVCs, Os­hiomhole said: “In this local gov­ernment we have always won and in this 2015, we will still win.

“PDP has destroyed Nigeria and we must vote them out. Now they are planning how to rig the elec­tions but it won’t work. If anyone approaches you to sell your PVC, do not sell it. Don’t sell your voting right for one meal. When they ap­proach you to exchange your PVC for money, refuse and let them know that your poverty cannot be negated for stupidity. This month of March, by the Grace of God we are marching to victory.”

Leader of the decampees, Ug­bogbo, said he went to test the PDP but couldn’t cope and as­sured Oshiomhole that he would collaborate with the APC leader­ship to sustain development in the state as he was very impressed by the developmental strides of the state governor.

“I am here with my followers to formally return to the All Progres­sive Congress and come March 28th and April 11th, 2015, we will ensure that APC wins in all the wards of this local government.”

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