1. PMB told David Cameron that he does not need any apology but he should release the looted fund kept by the British banks. Hence we also do not need names of those that looted our money, just let them bring the money into Nigeria account. Who told you it is only PDP members that refunded money. I strongly believe some APC members also refunded hence they are unable to publish the names because they will be doing injustice and deservice to their party members should their names be revealed. This might have been done secretly without charging them to court. I believe God is still saying something because the messiah is yet to come. I dey laugh says Baba OBJ.

  2. The Government is run by dishonest people who say one thing and do another. They even talk before they think. They said severally that X number of people stole x amount of money. You published figures without the names. How do you want us to believe you that you recovered anything. If as the Government said, the cases are prejudice, why not come clean and say “we have not recovered anything”. If you forced people to submit money to you and you are now afraid of the consequences of using force, why not come clean and say, actually, we forced these money out from their pockets.

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