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Group to hold summit on one year of Change Agenda

Coalition for New Nigeria (CNN), comprising 50 civil society organizations, says it has concluded plans to hold a national summit to appraise one year of the implementation of the Change Agenda of the present administration with a view to offering suggestions on the way forward for the country.

A statement signed by the Secretary, Organizing Committee of the summit, Rev. Steven Onwu said it is imperative to have the detached intellectual stratum of the Nigerian society to come together out of genuine concern to review, appraise and where necessary make useful suggestions that would aid the development of Nigeria.

The statement noted that “The past one year has been dominated by highly emotional debate, sometimes on non-issues, that tend to polarise supporters of the former and present administrations with the consequence that objective analysis of issues and policy becomes difficult.
“The summit aims to appraise the past one year divorced from political, ethnic and religious affiliations so that Nigerians can know what works, what doesn’t work, what needs improvement and how to proceed in the coming years.

“We realise that the supporters of the immediate past and present government do not even constitute 50% percent of Nigeria’s population yet their often sentimental positions on issues are shaping policies. We want to be able to make detached appraisal and suggestions because taking a back seat when governance matters are at stake in Nigeria is no longer on the options list,” the statement noted.

Issues earmarked for discussion at the summit include state of the economy, education, health as well as security issues like kidnapping, extremism, terrorism, militancy, ethnic bigotry and other crimes that have suddenly become threats to the Nigerian state.

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