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Group Drums up Support for Ambode



Ahead of the gubernatorial elections, Youths and top socialites under the umbrella of Ambode solidarity initiative, participated in a solidarity ride to task Lagocians to vote for the APC gubernatorial candidate, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode come April 11.

Akinwumi Ambode represented by the former Special Adviser to the Governor on Rural Development, Mr. Paul Kalejaiye charged lagocians to allow the good works of governor Fashola continue by voting Amode into office;

“All we need in Lagos Is continuity, in the last 15 years we have seen monumental development in Lagos and what we need is to consolidate this development and here comes the consolidator, in the person of Akinwumi Ambode who will step in” he said.

“By God’s grace, he will continue where Babatunde Fashola has stopped. Our prayers, our pledge, our plea to all Lagocians is to all come out in masses to vote APC in all the elections” he said.

Mr Kalejaiye decried the rate of corruption and non performance of the incumbent president and advised lagosians to vote for change;

“We must be unperturbed, we must be observant, We must never be intimidated, we must summon up courage, because there is nothing as good as democracy and the only thing democracy is good for is for us to invest and change”.

“We need change in our federal level because we are tired of non performing government, we are tired of lack of electricity, we are tired of corruption, all we need is change”

As part of the mother’s day celebration, Kalejaiye also felicitated with mothers and women in general promising them that the Ambode administration would be a women friendly one.

“The creation of women is the best thing that happened in the society. The world has decided to set aside a day to celebrate women and motherhood and by the grace of god, our office will be very gender sensitive, we are going to promote everything that is motherhood and we are going to support children”.

The initiator of the solidarity ride, Mr Ayodeji Jeje lauded governor Fashola On his achievement in office and pleaded with Nigerians to keep APC in office by voting the Ambode. Mr Jeje also thanked the crowd for the huge turnout and promised that the Ambode administration would deliver.

He said the whole essence of the solidarity ride was to sell Ambode to Lagocians. He urged Lagocians to collect their PVCs so as not to be disenfranchised;

“Ambode has all it takes to give us the future we are looking for. He has he experience, he has a clear vision”.

“We are looking for a sustainable environment for development and growth. That is what he has promised us, and he is a man of his words”.

The event was also graced by the wife of Ambode, Mrs. Bolade Patience Ambode.

The solidarity ride was all smiles and pleasantries as a huge turnout of people showed their support to Ambode. The peaceful rally was carried out in form of a road tour and sensitization. The road adventure kicked off from Oba-Akan in Ikeja through Surulere and round up in funfare at Falomo.

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