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Group accuses Lagos APC of being sponsors of rival gangs that disrupted its rally on Tuesday

A political group, Lagos Liberation Movement (LLM), has accused the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) of being behind the funding and equipping of the rival gangs that disrupted the flag-off of its rally in the state killing and injuring many in the process. The LLM in a release signed by its Convener, Comrade Mark Adebayo and Secretary, Comrade Femi Lawson, noted that “the gangs have been severally and notoriously used in the past to unleash violence on hapless Lagosians, terrorise voters and intimidate opposition. “Thus, we are bold to state that just like Malcom X said after the killing of President Kennedy of the USA “The chicken has come to roost”. They added, “The violence that the APC has been deploying to keep Lagos, its people and treasury at ransom and in bondage has finally been used against itself. The other twist of fate to this tragic event is that the same M.C. Oluomo was used by the leader of APC in the state to terrorise some party members during the last party primaries before adopting a palace coup to willy-nilly accept with fait-accompli that the incumbent governor shall not be running for second term, but rather support a co-contestant, anointed candidate of the Godfather party, Babajide Olushola Sanwo Olu. “Ironically, it was while Governor Ambode was addressing the rally that the gun shooting which disrupted the campaign started. Critical, heuristic questions begging for answers include wondering whether this was a mere coincidence, or a veil attempted assassination.
“A philosopher once guided humanity that ‘event happen twice in history, first as a farce, the other as a tragedy’. Nigeria is replete with instances of the Lagos type of political class instigated, fascist thugs armed belligerences. We are apt to recall the escapades of Adebayo Success in Lagos in the Second Republic and that of Akinsola Tokyo or Sunday Igboho in our contemporary period. “Late Saka Saula of NURTW was earlier used by this same ruling party in the state. The big question is when would these carnages stop? More importantly, if the magnitude of violence unleashed at the APC rally can be deployed against each other in the same party, what would happen to opposition parties as the election draws nearer? This is a manifest and potent danger to our yet to be fully entrenched democracy. “It is the historic and patriotic duty of all well-meaning Nigerians and Lagosians to rise up and condemn these violent, armed clashes which is symptomatic of subtle rape of democracy, if we desire peace and development in our land.
“No doubt with the rates of implosion in the ruling party across board, we are clear that the sceptre of social revolution looms over the country and Lagos is usually the base hot template. “Majority of our people are not only alienated or disenchanted with the ruling class rudderless waste of human and material potentials of the nation particularly Lagos, there is abject poverty, neglect, wants and diseases in the midst of opulence for a few. LLM therefore called on all Lagosians never to lose hope, but to get better organised. “Global history validates that when hapless people clash with armed vagabonds in power, the later laugh first while the former laugh last. We warn that in the struggle to liberate Lagos, there is no innocent bystander because cross fire of bullets has no respect for unwary innocent bystanders. We must be vigilant, organised to embrace the looming revolution to free Lagos,” the group said. Patrick Okohue

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