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Green Legacy Resorts: Tourism site to behold

Green Legacy Resorts, has taken Abeokuta by storm. The Resort is fast attempting to up the ante of leisure in Ogun state. It is a tourim potential that could transcend generation. Call it a legacy or monument, it is a delight to behold.

In fact, former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has indeed scored a rare feat through his vision in citing the edifice there.

With the choice of situating the GreenLegacy Resorts in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital, by him, the state’s tourism potential has once again received a big boost.

Besides, Olumo Rock, which has for ages, dominated the tourism landscape of the gateway state, Green Legacy Resorts has also proven itself as a tourism potential with the capacity to drive tourists to the state.

From the gate leading to what is popularly referred to as the Obasanjo Presidential Library, a first time visitor would marvel at the aesthetics, architecture and thoroughness employed by Obasanjo, in the assemblage of various structures within the enclave.

One of the beautiful works of nature was put on display through the heart melting rock of inspiration; restaurants specifically earmarked to cater for the needs of couples and other fun-seekers.

Meanwhile, because of the expansive size of the resorts, chopper rides are provided by the management to freely convey guests to the various leisure spots around the destination.

The mangrove vegetation that dots the landscape offers walkway into the exciting world of therapeutic experience. The brand new resort is a first- of-its-kind on the tranquil landscape situated close to the new state government secretariat.

It is managed by the Olusegun Obasanjo Legacy Foundation, a United Kingdom charity organization established with the vision of advancing human security in Africa.

According to the manager, the resort, which captures the essence of nature, culture and tradition with almost 100 per cent local materials for its construction, was conceived to add sustainable value to the society. It is a venture established to fund the Presidential Library.

Due to the alluring beauty of the resort, leisure seekers notice by our correspondence, submitted to the pristine beauty of the resort, relishing the beautiful nature crafted around the resorts. However, from the reception, the cheerful attendants employed all necessary skills to make you see the resort as an adventure that awaits you on arrival.

Truly, it is. It has very distinguishing features. Set on over a million square meter land within a 5kilometer stretch, the resort is truly an adventure that awaits leisure connoisseurs.

It parades 75 stylishly, yet tastefully, furnished exclusive suites and room. Depending on the taste of the guests, they are presented with option of choosing from the exclusive rooms closer to the Spa, Gym and the swimming pool.

The rooms come in four broad categories, ambassadorial suite, superior double suite, executive double suite and studio executive room.

With rates between N25,000 and N65,000.The resort offers complete leisure with the Bamboo grove bar that can sit over 200 guests, there are mouth watery Suya, Barbeque and Asun with chilled drinks all available at cheaper rates for guests.

The resort also offers quality sporting events for guests from the tastefully furnished gym with Treadmill, Multi-stations, Taekwondo centre, Volley ball court and two swimming pools each for adults and children.

There is also a capacity multipurpose hall and conference centres for all manner of occasions. The unique features of the resorts is that all the furniture aroundthe landscape including the beddings and furniture, window frames and doors, glass sand for cotton walls, the vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles are built with 100 per cent local content based on the directive of the former president.

The resorts also serve intercontinental foods and drinks all at affordable rates. But apart from the ingenuity of local skills and products on display, one of the interest features of the resort is the zoo, which contains hyena, monkeys, donkeys, wolves, alligators and ostriches.

Also strategically located close to the zoo is the Rock of Inspiration. There is also an amusement park specially built for children, it contains a roller coaster, bouncing castle and other exciting fun packs for both children and kids.

Interestingly too is that, the peaceful setting of the resort is commendable, as it is located within a friendly community rich in culture and history of the Egbaland.

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